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Chess Variants

Want To Explore The World Of Other Chess Variants?

Chess.com has you covered! With so many playing features, apps, and chess variants we have in the house, you are sure to find one that tickles your fancy:

Chess960 – Love chess but hate memorized opening lines? This is the variant you should play! Popularized by the late World Champion Bobby Fischer, this chess variant has the same rules but has 960 different starting positions to choose from.

VoteChess – Who says teamwork doesn’t apply to chess?! With VoteChess, you get to collaborate with a team of chess enthusiasts – discuss ideas and moves and vote for the move you like as you play against other chess teams or match wits against Grandmasters who’re up to the challenge!

And if you want to switch back to classical chess, no problem! We’ve got those too with our Live & Online Chess Servers. To put it in simpler terms, Chess.com is the #1 place for playing chess. Sign Up Below For Free!

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