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Over 5 million people have chosen as their chess home on the net, and it’s easy to see why. With a crew of strong GMs, IMs, and world-famous coaches, is the #1 place to get Grand Master Chess instruction!

Each and every chess training and improvement tool we have has been built, from the ground up, to bring out the chess expert in you. Our ever-growing archives of Grand Master chess videos and articles covers topics that are crucial for your growth as a player - openings, middlegame themes, tactics, and more.

Plus, with first-rate chess programs, like Chess Mentor and Tactics Trainer, that give real-time feedback on your performance, bolstering your strong points and hammering your weaknesses has never been this easy!

And with unlimited play on our Live Chess Server, you get all the practice you need. Sign Up For Free And Get Grand Master Chess Instruction NOW!

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