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Magnus Carlsen

Want To Play Like Magnus Carlsen?

That will take time and there’s no guarantee. What Chess.com can guarantee you, though, is to give you the training tools and splendid playing environment that will let you take your game to the next level…a notch or two closer to Magnus Carlsen’s!

Chess.com’s weekly columns and videos are created by the very best players and teachers of the sport – GMs, IMs, and top chess coaches. Covering every aspect of chess, you are sure to find the appropriate material to give you an edge on your next tournament.

Our Chess Mentor Training System is the complete chess training program! With real-time feedback and heavy on revealing commentary and analysis, it’s the closest thing to having a personal chess coach!

And we’re not even talking about the unlimited play, more unique chess training programs, and other ground-breaking features you get inside. Sign Up Below For Free And Learn To Play Like Magnus Carlsen!

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