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Teach Your Child Online Chess For Kids At Chess.com!

Whatever his skill level is – total beginner, improving club player, or a Magnus Carlsen in the making, our playing, sharing, and teaching features will help bring out the chess master in your kid!

Our Live and Online Chess Servers ensure that your child will get the game of chess that he enjoys the most. Whether it’s a bullet, blitz, standard, or correspondence game your child cherishes the most, all it takes is a couple of mouse clicks to get a game started. Plus, with over 5 million members, there’s never a dull moment at Chess.com. You and your child will find opponents suitable for his skill level ALL the time.

Once he’s ready to make that leap to competitive chess, Chess.com’s teaching and training features such as the extensive video and article library, tactics trainer, Chess Mentor, etc. will prepare him for the tournaments ahead.

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