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Tata Chess

Tata Chess Is One Of The Strongest Tournaments Of The Year

With players like Anand, Carlsen, Kramnik, and others gracing the top section, it’s not surprising that chess players of all levels love to see the action LIVE. At Chess.com, you get the sizzling hot news and updates of not just the Tata Chess tournament but of other big events like the European Championships, Chess Olympiad, WCC, etc. straight to your computer!

And Chess.com delivers a TON more than the moves! With live commentators such as GM Shankland, GM Bojkov, the fun duo of IMs Rensch and Pruess, and more, you get to hear the thought process behind the moves. It’s more than just a broadcast; it’s an invaluable chess lesson.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg! With tons of playing and learning tools, Chess.com is more than just a tournament broadcast site. It’s the best chess site around.

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