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Need Some Tips On Chess? You’ve Come To The Right Place! the #1 place for sharing, learning, and playing the Royal Game, is a goldmine, not just of tips on chess, but of high quality chess instruction from the masters! You don’t get one-liner chess tips that are too vague to apply in practice. What you get is revealing chess lessons that show you how GMs and IMs think so you can start approaching the game like they do.

Our enormous archive of instructional videos and articles cover everything from the opening, all the way to the endgame, and everything else in between. Plus, with our suite of training programs, including Chess Mentor, delivers interactive lessons that are heavy on detailed but easy-to-understand commentary and revealing analysis. And the feedback and rating you get after every session just adds more practical value to these tools!

You don’t need to look elsewhere for top-notch lessons and tips on chess.

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