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World Chess Champion

Who Will Be The Next World Chess Champion?

With the Gelfand-Anand world chess champion match in the horizon, the tension and excitement is rising. And Chess.com will take you at the very center of the action with our Chess News & Buzz Section.

And you get so much more than just the moves! Our Chess.com TV hosts and crew made up of strong IMs and GMs analyze and comment (including the fun duo of IMs Rensch and Pruess) on every twist and turn of the game live. Get penetrating analysis that reveal how the chess giants think, and how you can apply it in your games, too!

You can even help predict the moves, have a small talk with the IM & GM commentators, or even crack a joke to relieve the tension via Live Chat. You're not just a spectator to all the action and excitement on the 64-squared battlefield. At Chess.com, you help make the news.

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