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Going Beyond Materialism

IM David Pruess Avg Rating: 2100 Games

In this course, you will analyze an extremely complicated game with me. The two primary challenges are evaluating positions with material imbalances and calculating long variations. The game in question was a huge milestone in my own chess career: it was the first tournament game I won against an IM. The victory also propelled me to my first victory in an open tournament, an event which included one Grandmaster and several IMs. Finally, this game shows about how far my King's Gambit style of play can go. Currently, I believe the opening is not quite sound, and that I would not be able to play on a Grandmaster level using it. However, I have notched many convincing victories with the King's Gambit against masters and International Masters, and I believe wholeheartedly that the King's Gambit can be successfully employed up to that level.

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