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Exploiting Opening Errors 3

GM Sam Shankland Avg Rating: 2080 Openings

This is the third part of my "Exploiting Opening Errors" Course. It is geared only for strong players who have already completed the first 2 easier courses-- You'll find no trivial problems here! And with that, I bid you good luck! Studying this course will allow the student to: * learn a few important opening ideas they won't know yet, * deepen their overall understanding of the opening phase of the game, and * improve their thought process in the opening, particularly how to think logically by analogy to similar positions and moves, and deduce the answer from the differences.

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  • Dubious Novelty 1

    Welcome to the course, and let's hit the ground running! White to move.
  • Dubious Novelty 2

    Even super-GMs mess up their theory now and then, as GM Nepomniatchi did here.
  • Too Natural

    White has misplayed a quiet Italian Game. How should black respond?
  • Too Natural 2

    White has misplayed a somewhat innocuous-looking opening.
  • Overestimation

    Black has underestimated his opponent's chances in this sharp position.
  • Sharp Lopez

    In a dynamic looking position, black has erred by playing exd4 too early. How should white react?
  • Faulty Move Order

    In a standard-looking fianchetto Grunfeld, White has played Nc3 before it is usual.
  • Spoiled Structure

    Black has neglected his development but is relying on his position being solid. How should white proceed?
  • Positional Aggression

    In a standard looking Scheveningen Sicilian, white has played Nb3 far earlier than normal
  • Lack of Development

    Black has neglected his development, how should white react?

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