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Beginner: Endgame

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Learn basic skills and techniques for the most subtle part of chess: the endgame!

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  • Runaway Pawn

    Sometimes a pawn has advanced far enough that it cannot be stopped by the enemy king. This is called a RUNAWAY PAWN and it will soon become a queen!
  • Queen First

    In some situations, you can lose the queening race and still win.
  • The Pawn Box

    The most important concept in king and pawn endgames is called the PAWN BOX or pawn square. If the king is "inside the square" of the pawn, it can catch it and prevent it from safely queening.
  • Kings Come Out

    Another extremely important concept in the endgame (especially simple endgames) is KING ACTIVITY. The king is an active piece in the endgame - use it!
  • Escort the Pawn

    Often a passed pawn can be stopped by the enemy king, but if it is also supported by its own king, it can become unstoppable.
  • Safe Pawns

    A passed pawn protected by another pawn is extremely powerful. Such a PROTECTED PASSED PAWN is almost impossible for a king to capture safely.
  • Sacrifice to Promote

    Sometimes a sacrifice is necessary in order to create a passed pawn.
  • Pawn Potential

    Remember the rules about pawn promotion? When a pawn gets to the end of the board, it can turn into a queen, rook, bishop or knight. Obviously you would usually want it to become a queen, since it is worth the most points. However, there are a few rare exceptions...
  • Winning with the New Queen - Part 1

    Learn the most important and common of all basic checkmates: King + Queen vs. King!
  • Winning with the New Queen - Part 2

    Try out the skills you learned in the last lesson!

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