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Advanced: Endgame

IM Bryan Smith & IM Danny Rensch Avg Rating: 1120 Advanced

Now we move along to more advanced endgame techniques - learn how to win a won game, draw a drawn one and many of the common motifs and patterns of "winning won endgames" along the way!

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  • Trading Down

    A big part of winning the endgame is forcing trades from a more complicated position to a simpler one which is easy to win.
  • Simplification

    When you are up material, it is a very good strategy to trade pieces. When there are less pieces overall, any advantage will be more meaningful. Less pieces also mean less threats to your king, so you can use your material advantage in peace.
  • Rook Pawn Draw

    We've seen some king and pawn endings already. Here is one exception to the rule.
  • Using Pawn Majorities

    Sometimes you can win a king and pawn ending even when the number of pawns is equal.
  • Pawn Breakthroughs

    There are certain positions where you can make a passed pawn even when you don't have a pawn majority.
  • Breaking Through, Part 2

    Here is a more complicated version of the breakthrough from the last lesson. The idea is the same - even though White doesn't have a passed pawn, he can create one by using pawn tension.
  • King Activity

    In the endgame, the king turns from a hunted piece into the hunter. Often, if all other factors are equal, whoever has the more active king will have a decisive advantage.
  • Queen vs. Passed Pawn

    A queen against a mere pawn - seems like it should be an unequal battle, right? But if the pawn is one step away from becoming a queen, it can get quite tough. There is a special method to winning which you need to know.
  • Endgame Tactics: Back Rank Mate

    You have seen the "back rank mate" by now. When the king has no escape hatch for the back rank, it can be checkmated there by a rook or a queen. This tactic can also happen in the endgame.
  • Promotion Tactics #1: Pin and Deflection

    As we've learned, in the endgame, queening a pawn before your opponent can be the difference in the game! Here we see how you can remove the piece that is preventing a pawn from queening.

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