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  • Advanced: Openings

    Avg Rating: 860
    In this course you will learn more about opening strategy and begin to develop a feel for where your pieces should be developed. In general, the opening lessons in this course are designed to help you "click through" in order to learn more basic opening principles, and see some of the most common openings where those principles are applied. In many cases, your task is simply to read the notes and further your understanding of how both White and Black should approach each specific opening.
  • Advanced: Tactics

    Avg Rating: 920
    In this course you will be learning not just how to make a fork, pin, or skewer, etc; but also how to set up a situations where such tactics are possible.
  • Advanced: Strategy

    Avg Rating: 1180
    As we learned in the Intermediate Course, "Strategy" means the long- or short-term goals in chess. It means trying to improve the position of your pieces, create weaknesses or fix them, plan an attack (short or long term), or gain control of key squares. In this course we will be learning some more advanced strategies.
  • Advanced: Checkmates

    Avg Rating: 900
    Moving on from the Intermediate Checkmate Course by NM Alex King, here we will be learning some more advanced checkmate patterns. As you begin to play on a higher level, your opponents won't let you checkmate them so easily - so in this course we will be seeing some more complicated ways of setting up the checkmate.
  • Advanced: Endgame

    Avg Rating: 1120
    Now we move along to more advanced endgame techniques - learn how to win a won game, draw a drawn one and many of the common motifs and patterns of "winning won endgames" along the way!

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