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  • Expert: Openings

    Avg Rating: 1120
    Now that you've mastered the basics of opening play - from the Beginner to Advanced Opening Courses - it's time to learn about some of the more advanced strategic decisions that one must make in the opening stage of a chess game.
  • Expert: Tactics

    Avg Rating: 1360
    In this course we will move beyond the basics to more complicated tactics - which will help you to outwit even stronger players!
  • Expert: Strategy

    Avg Rating: 1320
    In this course we will be looking deeper at the concept of strategy in chess. In particular, we will be seeing examples of how to turn strategical factors into an attack and favorable tactics.
  • Expert: Attack and Defense

    Avg Rating: 1280
    The Expert and Master Attack and Defense courses are designed as continuations (for more advanced players) of the "Intermediate and Advanced Checkmate" lessons. The general principles of attack and defense are fundamental in chess. Most the critical moves you will ever play revolve around these two poles. Learning how - and when - to attack and defend is crucial on your road to mastery. Let's get started!
  • Expert: Endgame

    Avg Rating: 1260
    The expert endgame course deals with more advanced endgame techniques and tactics, such as Zugzwang, tricky opposition positions, various promotion tactics, and "fortress draws".

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