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  • Advanced: Tactics

    Avg Rating: 920
    In this course you will be learning not just how to make a fork, pin, or skewer, etc; but also how to set up a situations where such tactics are possible.
  • Master: Strategy

    Avg Rating: 1560
    In this course we will be examining some of the most advanced strategies which chess masters use in their games. There will be a particular emphasis on pawn strategy.
  • Advanced: Strategy

    Avg Rating: 1180
    As we learned in the Intermediate Course, "Strategy" means the long- or short-term goals in chess. It means trying to improve the position of your pieces, create weaknesses or fix them, plan an attack (short or long term), or gain control of key squares. In this course we will be learning some more advanced strategies.
  • Essentials of Opening Play

    Avg Rating: 1040
    This course on openings is designed to help you practice opening principles and learn more about common mistakes beginners and intermediate players make. This course will teach you how to develop optimally, how to approach gambits, and how to exploit your adversary's opening mistakes.
  • Advanced: Checkmates

    Avg Rating: 900
    Moving on from the Intermediate Checkmate Course by NM Alex King, here we will be learning some more advanced checkmate patterns. As you begin to play on a higher level, your opponents won't let you checkmate them so easily - so in this course we will be seeing some more complicated ways of setting up the checkmate.
  • Expert: Strategy

    Avg Rating: 1320
    In this course we will be looking deeper at the concept of strategy in chess. In particular, we will be seeing examples of how to turn strategical factors into an attack and favorable tactics.
  • Advanced: Endgame

    Avg Rating: 1120
    Now we move along to more advanced endgame techniques - learn how to win a won game, draw a drawn one and many of the common motifs and patterns of "winning won endgames" along the way!
  • Expert: Attack and Defense

    Avg Rating: 1280
    The Expert and Master Attack and Defense courses are designed as continuations (for more advanced players) of the "Intermediate and Advanced Checkmate" lessons. The general principles of attack and defense are fundamental in chess. Most the critical moves you will ever play revolve around these two poles. Learning how - and when - to attack and defend is crucial on your road to mastery. Let's get started!
  • Master: Attack and Defense

    Avg Rating: 1760
    In this course we will be learning how to attack and defend like a master.
  • Expert: Endgame

    Avg Rating: 1260
    The expert endgame course deals with more advanced endgame techniques and tactics, such as Zugzwang, tricky opposition positions, various promotion tactics, and "fortress draws".
  • Master: Endgame

    Avg Rating: 1672
    In this course we will be learning about some of the most complicated and difficult techniques, practical ideas, and fundamental winning methods in the endgame - those which you will ultimately need to achieve mastery.
  • Intermediate: Endgame

    Avg Rating: 980
    This course covers the next level of "must know stuff" in the endgame. We move quickly from basic checkmates and fundamental concepts onto much more tricky and important endgame positions.
  • En Prise Please!

    Avg Rating: 1920
    We've all seen the sac, sac, mate pattern a thousand times. Here, you'll see that sometimes the right path is not to capture a piece, but to put one of yours "en prise" - leaving it hanging out to dry. You'll need to see many examples before looking for this idea in your own games.
  • Opposite-Colored Bishops

    Avg Rating: 2020
    Bishops of opposite colors have always been considered rather peaceful opponents. Indeed, the drawing tendencies in these endgames are very high but if the conditions are right (there are good passed pawns, one of the bishops is much stronger than the other, or one of the sides has a more active king) we can successfully play for a win. This course is designed to confirm your knowledge from my video series on opposite-colored bishops, and to further expand your understanding of these tricky endgames....
  • Bent the Great

    Avg Rating: 2088
    Allow me the pleasure to introduce my favorite player in this mentor course. Bent Larsen (1935 - 2010) was one of the best players of the twentieth century and enriched the chess treasury with his many wonderful games. Enjoy the original and beautiful ideas of one of the greatest fighters ever! (And if you're interested in recent analysis of Larsen's famous first move 1.b3, check out our January Bulletin! http://www.chess.com/article/view/the-masters-bulletin-january-2014)
  • Sensing the Danger - Examples from My Games

    Avg Rating: 2120
    This course is designed for more advanced players. The positions I've assembled in this course should help strong players learn to identify the critical moments in their own games, and develop a "healthy sense of danger" when facing those moments. It will be a mix of different types of problems, but whether each puzzle is strategic or dynamic in nature, most of the examples will highlight the missed opportunities, often by me.
  • Guess The Move: Dominguez Perez - Carlsen

    Avg Rating: 1800
    In this course we will be following a game between grandmaster Leinier Dominguez Perez and the number one rated player in the world and reigning world champion, Magnus Carsen. You will be taking Carlsen's side - try to play like him!
  • Slay the Slav with the Boor Attack

    Avg Rating: 1740
    Learn a surprise opening vs. the solid Slav defense. 1.d4 d5 2.c4 c6 3.cxd5 cxd5 4.Nc3 Nf6 5.f3!? This course is loaded with opening traps, strategy and innovative play!

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