Cirelo Manait Jr.
Iligan City, Philippines
Aug 15, 2011
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Dec 8, 2016
I Came from Iligan City Philippines, I've started playing chess when I am 7 years old and became the participant during my elementary life, I'm won as a champion in the district tournament since I am in grade 3 school and to the zonal meet tournament, and so in the division meet tournament in our city. When I am in grade 5 I'm won again as a champion until division meet tournament and in regional meet in the Region 10 Northern Mindanao. Unfortunately, during my high school life I'm focusing on my studies, though I only enter a tournament when there's an occasion chess tournament competition in our city. But not, I came back again what I've starting out, Just to make Chess as a habit and might be a trend to be a great player.
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