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United States
Jul 10, 2010
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Oct 24, 2013

I learned to play chess as a kid. I became a solid chess player in junior high, playing second board on one of the best high school chess teams in my state in eighth grade (we placed second in the state playoffs--our first board skipped the championship match for a basketball game), and first board in ninth, signaling a rapid decline in our team's greatness (my leadership: I used to beg our "coach" not to have our names read over the school announcements after our matches).


Not having a lot of money, or maybe I was a rebel child taking a stand against the godless USCF, I mostly played unrated chess at a local Chess Club, and I had some minor tournament successes, including winning my class at Region Six and having a decent Junior High Nationals (5-3), then I quit chess for many years (I got punched a lot less, sorry).


I have tried to get back into chess a couple times but the frustration of no longer seeing so deeply into the game is hard to take. I am trying to just have some fun this time around. As you can see from my games, my skills haven't come back as of yet. I even drop my queen---very sad.


As for my user name, I keep trying to find a better one, but every time I come up with one it is already taken (I tried about a dozen the other day).


[Updated photo: this photo will only get a short run, for it was going to go with the user name "Dogman" (a "King's X" album) but that name, too, is already taken].

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