Jason Alexander
Melbourne, Australia
Sep 10, 2010
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May 31, 2016

Hi there,

Win or lose, I don't care, chess is a great game! I'm very average at it... I tell myself I'd be better if I did something more than one minute games nearly all the time!

But the longer ones are more like work than fun, so I'm happy being repeatedly exceptionally average :)

I typically click rematch and new straight after a game instead of waiting for someone to respond to a rematch.

This is thanks to all the emotionally immature children / socially retarded adults out that enjoy habbits such as:
+ Not rematching when they are in risk of losing
+ Saying things like 'Ha yuu g_ay' or 'Sux my willies' when they win/lose.

If this is you, I'd make your life more pathetic if I could, but you've pretty much covered that better than I could hope for all by yourself, so congratulations! You deserve yourself!!!

Anyone else that wants a rematch, please note me or friend me (just mention you want a rematch) and I'll oblige when I can.

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