Arber Arber
Tirana, Albania
Jun 25, 2011
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Dec 4, 2016
Hello visitor! I live in Tirana, capital of Albania. My name is Arber and so you may call me. Me started to play chess when I was 6. My father taught me the rules and I used to play chess with him almost every afternoon, till the day I beat him for 5 times in a row. But I kept practicing chess at high school and university with friends on free time or in school chess championships. I never played chess in a formal way (profesionally) but it was, it is and it will be my passion. Every game of chess is for a me a real battle. I have to be calm on my decisions, think in advance and be ready to face the output of my decisions. I wish you good luck with chess in and everywhere! Best Regards, Arber
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