Ally who lived in Arlington, TX
Mountbatten, Singapore
Dec 24, 2007
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Mar 18, 2011
My passion for Chess resides in a form of a hobby & a form of art! An avid admirer of the old school: the unofficial WCC years, to the Hyper-Modernism era, till Post-War. Reasonably comfortable with the Ruy Lopez, English/Reti, Pirc/Modern, Closed Sicilian & Benoni – and some dabbling with the Petrov, though I may vary from the A00/B00 for fun-sake (except the Barnes & Lemming). Preferred tools: Silman (personal favorite), Watson (interesting stuff), Soltis, Mednis (neat), Averbakh (l’ttle over my head), Pachman (pretty good), Muller (tough cookie), Dvoretsky & Convekta’s TCT – along with puzzles from Nunn & Polgar (Laszlo). I’m a fan of David Bronstein & Judit Polgar. Was active in OTB till college, and sure wished it stayed that way, but it’s been narrowed down to Turn-Based or Blitz on Yahoo for obvious reasons = TIME :-) Grateful to my parents and uncle (miss you much) for “converting” me at 9, thankful that the age of the net gave rise to Chess sites like this, and blessed to have found like-minded addicts = Cheers! [Formerly known as Allygirl]
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