Yannis Sav
Tripolis, Greece
Sep 8, 2011
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Who am i? Well its too complex to analyze all the make Me. Instead ill just focus to chess. I learnt chess at 10-12 years of age from my father and then progressed through tactics and strategy from books. During my teen years i played chess with my friends rather seldomly and more often to a chess club. During the years i was in med school i stopped playin altogether or played very rarely. And only relevant recently started playing again. As for the games i like to play are correspodence chess up to 7 days. (Longer than that i cant manage it). Also i like to play short games of 30, 15, 10 minute games. As for the strategies i use well i cant say i focus one opening and keep a wide range or variations (french, indian, sicilian, catalan, lopez, english defense, queens/kings pawn, english defense) however i find difficult to counter queens gambit in combination with english defense and i guess this is one issue i should focus. My mid game is rather slow and steady watching each piece to be protected and if i find an opening in my opponents defense to exploit it through some deceit. My end game i suppose need some work still cuz i may make bad moves cuz of overconfidence or fail to see a trap laid ahead of me. Well thats all i can think of now. Ill update this soon...
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