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Petar G. Arnaudov
Plovdiv, Bulgaria
Oct 19, 2011
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I am GM Petar G. Arnaudov. 

I achieved the GM title at 2013
I am part of Bulgarian national team and part of the teams in Germany, Austria, Bulgaria, Turkey,France,Macedonia and Greece.
I  played in 100+ tournaments, winning more than dozen of them. 
I am  a co-founder of Modern chess and vice president of chess club "Chessbomb Plovdiv".
I am an experienced author with many publications at different chess magazines.
As a coach, I work more than 6 years  with students all over the world.
I am an opening specialist with many publications and articles.

My speciality is to prepare a personal opening repertoire to my students according to their style.

I am also providing  you with an endgame course which improves your general endgame knowledge.
My middle game lessons help you to improve your thinking process in complex positions and give you a right path in a typical middlegame situations and pawn structures.

 I am also available for training games.

The lessons are via skype.

Feel free to contact me for more information at

My website is:

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