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Tulsa, United States
Feb 21, 2013
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Father taught me to play when I was 11 years old.  Love the game. Never read but one book about chess.  That's why I'm still such a novice.  Every once in a while I win a game!! During the 70's when Fisher/Spasky was playing that famous match, my interest was rekindled. is perfect for me.  I now have lots of opponents to match wits with.  My best game was when I beat my father for the first time.  He was so proud of me you'd think he just beat a GM!!  Like I said, Dad taught me to play when I was 11. I was 30 something when I finally beat him.  Dad's gone now. Needless to say, I dearly miss the matches we had.  I went many years without playing because I had no opponents to speak of. is perfect. I have played every day since discovering the site.

Could someone out there please answer one question?  When one plays live chess, one of the options is 5/2. I figured the 5 gives five minutes of playing time.  What does the '2' mean??

Bookkeeper by trade. Hope to retire soon.

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