Arvin Caberte
Maasin City, Philippines
Nov 30, 2009
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28 days ago
It was in 1988 that I was attracted (or addicted) to chess. I could not go to school due to play in tournaments (I completed high school through a placement test). After high school I made it to University of Cebu and became a member of a varsity team that make the school champion in 1997. My achievement of the game was started in 1989 at my hometown where my first grasped of trophy coveted and it continued in the following years expanded to provincial level with 1st place finishes (totalled13 trophies). Until I entered in the Police Force, I stopped chess. Since then I have also pursued my interests in fighting, cooking, bodybuilding, boxing and swimming. In 2009, I'm back participating our open fiesta chess tournament and take the title of that tourney.
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