Kevin Leeds
Austin, TX, United States
Jan 6, 2012
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The Nun photo illustrates my enthusiasm, chaste nature, and willingness to act silly. In high school I played in Indianapolis and the team finished 4th in the State Championship tournament and went to the nationals in Philadelphia. I mostly played 2nd board, sometimes demoted to 3rd because of inconsistent play. I play occasionally Austin, TX on Saturdays sometimes with Giant Chess - and sometimes at Great Hall Games sometimes. My greatest chess accomplishment was to get a victory against IM Atilla Turzo in his 1000-player simul. I had much longer to think, and I used Wikipedia and another opening site to read about the opening for the first six moves or so. I recently read about some nonstandard openings (e.g. the Hippo, other animal-named openings) on Wikipedia and on my very first 1. .. f3 game my 5 minute rating finally got over 1400 so that is a good sign!
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