Tony The Chess Crow
Canton/Akron, Ohio, United States
Jul 12, 2012
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Hi, I"m Corvidae_Corvus

My real name is Tony I'm the original Founder and one of the Team Captains For TEAM USA. I am also a World League Assistant Director. I also Manage Team Arizona and Team Phoenix, and many others.
Been playing chess for over 30 yrs, still not good, but ok I guess. I also currenty hold a rank of 1800 at the FIDE ONLINE ARENA where I play sometimes. And I just recently joined Chessdom Chess Arena where I am registered as ChessCrow so I can watch the Live events. I do almost all my playing here though.
I'm Born and Raised in Arizona, I service Phamacy and Hospital Drug robotic dispensing and Biometric/QR-Barcode inventory control equipment, Been doing this or some variation of it, for 21 yrs. lots of interesting stuff before that.
I am 47, Married to Marcee_S  I currently in Canton/Akron,Ohio, I was recently (8-2015) relocated to OH for a new position in my company as a Technical Instructor after 18 yrs as a Sr. service tech in the AZ/Ca. I grew up rural AZ. tho, and love wildlife, the desert, and big open spaces with no one around for miles. I Used to Shoot USPSA Competitive Shooting In the Grand Canyon State Games, and still compete locally in the walk on Trap and Skeet matches every now and then. I play Guitar and have a really sweet custom Fender Strat, Im a lefty ((I only have 2 actual Left Handed intruments the others are all done Jimi Hendricks style) so she is a one off and been set up by a local tech who has done some guitar tech work for Gin Blossoms, Meat Puppets and Jimmy Eat World guys, so I got pretty lucky in that I got to hook up with him and he has taught me a lot. here is a pic of them.While I play all styles and listen just about anything, my favorites are Classical, Classical Accoustic, Blues, Jazz Funk, Flamenco, late 70's- early 80's rock (think Steve Miller Band) and good ol Country.
I'm also into Motorcycles and dirtbikes, Got a really cool Valkyrie that my wife hates :-)
Here is what it looked like new
purty huh!

Here it is after being wrecked and rebuilt, took 3 yrs to complete.
(I needed some rebuilding too)
Ever Wonder what kind of Chess Personality you are?
I took the quiz. here is my results

— Your Chess Personality —


Assassins are all about controlled aggression. They tend to play sharp openings (especially 1.e4 as white) and look to attack the opponent's King. But their attacks are not wild or careless - everything is still governed by the objective demands of the position and exact calculation. Assassins tend to play "against the pieces" rather than "against the opponent". They won't alter their own play to try to take advantage of the opponent's psychology.

Robert J Fischer is an Assassin

Robert J FischerBobby Fischer (1943-2008), the eleventh World Chess Champion, was one deadly Assassin. One of the most dominant players of all time, the American became a grandmaster at the age of only fifteen and eventually took the world championship in a 1972 match with Boris Spassky. Fischer's perfect composure, along with accurate calculation and great will to win, caused his opponents to crumble. Fischer's opening repertoire was very limited, but also very sharp and very well prepared. All in all, Bobby Fischer was a chess machine long before actual chess engines could play at anywhere near that level.

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I really like dogs! I mean I like all animals but dogs just make me happy! they have been a part of my life forever and ever. I currently got two awesome pals, a Shetland Sheepdog and a Boston Terrier. They are best friends, and pretty spoiled.I had a heckuva time getting all of us in front of the webcam and clicking the mouse, so its blurry.Jeeter, the Boston has his favorite toy so thats whats in his mouth there, 
I'm a Android format user, dont care for the iphone stuff much, so I am always checking out new android chess stuff, one really cool app is the play Magnus game.

And here are the charities and Causes I support, please check them out! 

If you can possibly find the time, please consider donating blood, every donation helps! here is the American Red Cross link
 Marcee and myself, we avidly support the David Sheldrick Wildlife Fund to save orphaned elephants and rhinos caused by senseless poaching,
The link below will go to their website, do the research on them, check their credentials, they are legit, I requested their paperwork from the UK myself, I did my searches, I scouted many charities. This one spoke to my common sense and to my soul at the same time. Read about them and their work. These people are amazing.

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