Второй взрослый разряд. My lichess.org account: https://lichess.org/@/D-murCat

My name is Dmitry, I like premium blitz here at chess.com and rapid in the real life.  I have my own chess.com blog! https://www.chess.com/blog/D-mur

https://www.chess.com/club/juniors-speed-league-1 my club. Welcome to join! 

My best games: 

Puzzle from my game:
My best friends: @anarak , @metallistverder , @0aba , @reaLIXYT , @cove-19 , @kolyanik , @spartak2602 , @schizzarotto .
Please join the club "Russia loves chess".We are need strong players!
My birthday is 28th april. I will bee happy if you will send me a trophy).
Iet's be friends