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Oct 17, 2008
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Fischer Clock and Blitz Chess

In Live Chess, and at all time limits, I strongly preferĀ Fischer clock games - that is, games with a time increment awarded to each player on each move. My favorite Blitz game type is "2 12" which means that each player starts with 2 minutes, and is awarded 12 seconds on the clock after every move made. In my view, this leads to better chess than with the popular "5 0" and similar limits: with no time increment, the player who is running low on time is eventually reduced to making random or garbage moves, and to my mind, that's not chess... that's twitch gaming. Ensuring that each player always has 5 or 10 or 12 seconds "in the bank" leads to far more correct, and therefore interesting, chess. It's still possible to make egregious errors, of course, even with the Fischer clock, and I've made more than my share!

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