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Aug 1, 2012
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I am a retired gent and grand-dad (Circa 1941).

I played Sydney Grade club competitions in the 1980's.In those days many players smoked, so I gave it away for health reasons. I also played and enjoyed correspondence chess.

In 2011 my wife and I moved into a retirement village. Finding that there was a small over-the-board chess group (OTB) here, I renewed my interest in chess. Club members introduced me to so here I am. Internet chess is ideal for seniors as it avoids the late nights associated with OTB competition.

My hero as military commander is General Sir John Monash, Australian  commander of the Australia Corps in WW1 - A force of some 220,000 troops, artillery and aircraft. To reach this rank he had to overcome prejudice against his backround as a part-time militia officer and his German/ Jewish ancestry (Original family name "Monasch").

He had a major role in stopping the German Spring Offensive on the Western Front and winning decisive victories at the battles of Hammel and Amiens. Once in command of the Australia Corps, they won every battle against the German forces despite minimising the losses of his own troops. Monash was a weekend militia soldier before WW1 but revolutionised strategy and tactics. Before WW1, He successfully practiced both as a professional civil/ structural engineer and legal advocate. He founded a successful engineering construction firm and pioneered the use of reinforced concrete structures in Australia.

After WW1, he revolutionised the electricity supply system in the Australian state of Victoria.

He is portrayed on the Australian $100 note and is commemorated in a number of places including Monash University, near Melbourne and the suburb of Monash in Melbourne.

His life story is amazing ("Monash - The Outsider Who Won A War", Roland Perry, Random House, 2007 - a great read).

Monash was also a keen chess player - oh for his genius!



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