Alejandro Valdez
San Diego, United States
Mar 31, 2010
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2 hrs ago

I Win!!! . . . sometimes. Also people suck, and you're probably one of them. And you are definitely one of them if you complain about not getting a rematch. YOU ARE NOT ENTITLED TO A REMATCH! This is internet chess. I play half these games on my cell phone while using the toilet. Do you think I have time to play another game in such a condition? I promise you my intestinal situation isn't bad enough for me to have the time to play mulitple games against you. However, sometimes I do play on the computer and will happily give you a rematch if you are not a moron. Just because you lose a game and I decline your rematch because my "toilet time" is up doesn't make me a coward. It just means I have other things to do instead of spending all day playing games with someone who gets offended over stupid things.

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