Dave Penkalski
Milwaukee, United States
Jul 11, 2011
Last Login
Nov 9, 2016
Lately I've been logging on with my phone. Ridiculous, I know, but it can be convenient in its own twisted way. If I'm offering a challenge with an increment, it probably means this is the case. Apologies in advance for lag or other (minor) impoliteness under such circumstances...! 2/18/12... omg, omg, OMG. HORRIBLE lag, playing on 3G Samsung Galaxy smartphone. So unbelievably frustrating and vexing that I had to uninstall. Sad, as I was enjoying having chess on my phone. Losing to 1600 on time, with a 4-second increment, moving instantaneously at every turn without exception. No possible way to keep up, even with that gargantuan increment. Alas. Very difficult to maintain a serious rating/level on a smart phone, I am learning. "Endeavor to persevere," as somebody famous once said. Most profound thanks for your saintly patience during this period of adjustment, adaptation, and systematic abasement. Thank you.

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