James Baumann
Deltona, FL, United States
Feb 20, 2009
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OK, so I figure it's time to change my Bio, as I turn 50 this year.

I've been playing chess up here for almost three years.  Last year, I started playing in tourneys, and have played my first OTB chess in almost 40 years.  I'm not that great, and my USCF rating is currently 976.  However, I've played in three G/50 tourneys, in the U1600 class, which has not helped.  So, I've now got about 30+ OTB games under my belt, and the real chess has begun.

I like a lot of the folks up here, and I've actually met quite a lot of them at the tourneys here in our area.  I guess my next step is to break down and actually start reading some of the many chess books I've acquired recently.  Perhaps, it will help with my game (ya think?).

I work Midnights, so if you're bored, and would like to play some Live Chess, just send me a note.

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