Jade Jacobs
Savannah, GA, United States
Dec 8, 2012
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Jun 28, 2013
Started chess 4 years ago but havent played in 2. Theres more importent things in life. Love all mi BFFs, Aunt Miriam n Patti, Hollister, my cigarettes, meetme, J.B., pace picante sauce, my synagogue, forsyth park, cherryvanilla pepsi, da beach. Aka PortzPrincess at fics. Am going to study chemistry or physics when i goto college. Was voted SweetheartQueen Feb2012 for WChathm Mid.School. Am leader of JewishYouth for Interfaith Outrach program at BnaiBrith. Update 12/31/12: I decided I am leaving chess for good as a new year resolution. I play the correspondence sumtimes but thats too slow for even me. Problm is the other 99% of chess doesnt care about the game position, they only care about abusing the clock n getting cheap ratings points for losing the position. Its sad. Its relly not a thinking game at all like i had hoped.
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