Stuart King
Bristol, United Kingdom
Jun 18, 2009
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Apr 29, 2011

Been playing for 4 years now, have started to become less enthusiastic about the game mostly because of the masses of opening theory out there and I can't really be bothered to learn it. I have a few 'pet' openings as black, namely the Najdorf and the KID. As white I play more offbeat openings, 1.Nf3 is my current favourite, it allows me to reach many interesting openings while avoiding the truly mind numbing 1.e4 e5, snore.

I also very much enjoy sacrificing and will do so even when the positions it leads to are unclear. How else do you learn how to judge positions with material imbalances? I've also recently discovered just how interesting endgames really are, Daniel Rench's series on rook endgames is particularly interesting!

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