Van Love
Ohio, United States
Mar 17, 2008
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Jan 25, 2016

I used to be a Correction Officer, Semi Truck Driver but am retired now. I love meeting new people and I'm ma down to earth person. I love the gamme of chess and meeting the new people whom i may play online. I love to play mostly anyone, and I am always looking for challenges. If anyone out there wants to play a good game of Chess, hit me up ok...Holla! I love the game every since i was taught the game by a good friend of mine. I progressed with the game over the years playing allot of street chess. I am a rated player at my local chess club, but being a truck driver rarely gives me time to play or finish games. When i get my laptop i'll be able to finsh the games I start! favorite opening..well I use variety of openings, I guess it depends on my opponents opening and style of play? I usually adjust my play of defence according to the pattern of play that my opponents use, so I am very versital Just come and play me, and you will see my! You can contact me on here or at my email ( let's play a game sometime....holla!

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