Graham Lee
St Andrews, Scotland
Oct 3, 2010
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10 hrs ago
Gentlemanly conduct must be upheld at all times, accept insults and provide witty combacks. If they need a good seeing to, teach them a lesson in gentlemanly manners. Prattle about the weather, exchange a lively joke and soon the conversion will begin and we shall have ourselves a new gentleman in the world. 
If all else fails i believe them to be lost souls and should be pittied, thus we shall play with them for a while for our enjoyment, but remember, always be polite.
I enjoy any kind of fun opening. I'm an avid Budapest Gambit player and also love other gambits such as Kings Gambit, Milner-Barry, Latvian, Blackmar-Diemar, Ryder, Hubsch, Smith-Morra & Benko. Clearly I'm not a "good" chess player but having fun is the name of game.
"Proper" stuff I enjoy and currently learning/experimenting include:
Nimzo-Indian, Chezch/Modern-Benoni, Caro-Kann, Sicilian, Colle-Zukertort, London System I've also dabbled a bit of Modern in there too. 
See you at the chessboard! 
Please join my group "The Polite Society" if you think you have a gent in you.
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