eliza Dalupang
Quezon city, Philippines
Mar 26, 2013
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10 hrs ago
Playing chess is one among my hobbies, I played indoor games such as scrabble, word factory and other word related games, and sometimes table tennis but chess challenge my mental alertness. My father taught me how to play chess when I was 14 yr old (2011). Teaches the move of each pieces, openings, developing, planning, tactics, and sacrificing to gain the advantages. Long before, I didn't show an interest in chess, it was a waste of time, but he really wants me to learn. Slowly and through his effort, I began to learn, and the essence of it caught my interest. I tasted the bitterness of losing most of my early games especially if my winning opponent laugh at me, but in the long run, I experienced the sweetness of winning. Maintaining our high school game activities, my schoolmates noticed my ability in chess when I joined our school chess tournament. My father was a frustrated chess player, this was when a lady chess player beat him in our town tournament in a heart-breaking defeat. He was beaming when I brought home my trophy and an amount of cash prize.. and my father patted my back, can't help myself as I felt the joy and the warm tears welling in my eyes. I'm so proud of my mentor. Now, I'm 18 and 2nd yr college in this coming school year 2015...

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