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San Jose, California, United States
Dec 5, 2012
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Oct 25, 2016
Hi everyone, thanks for viewing my profile. Now a bit about myself, I'm am a 16 year old boy. I found this website thanks to my old math teacher. My avatar is my 2 years 5 month, Buster, it is currently a picture of him at 8 weeks. I play 3 main sports: golf, basketball, and baseball. I have no OTB rating but thinking about getting one. Some of my friends on this site are, White_Fang3, Luidefunes, MarshBaby, Kingdon_Hearts, rockongirl, i-eat-guini-pigs, and BigFatDaddy55. I accept most friend requests unless you are just looking to get another friend. I will not accept game challenges unless my total amount of games that are in progress is below 40. This will now sorta become like a journal that I will (try to) update weekly ;) Saturday 10/25/14: First entry... High school is quite a bit different than middle school in athetics being a lot more serious, not that's a bad thing. Started a chess club, really slow at the moment...Any suggestions to get it going is highly appreciated (PM me) :D I also had my first cup of coffee; all I can say is that I will be a coffeeholic :D That's all that has really happened so far. Also, testing OS X Yosemite and all I can say is that I love it (2009 MacBook) Will update. Game of the week: Thanks for reading, Matt Saturday 11/1/14 Wow, Halloween was a rush... Ran out of candy, had to turn away a few kids :( Anyways, happy weekend! Nothing happened much over this week that I feel like sharing. Basketball conditioning is over, tryouts on the 17th, I hope I make it. Chess rating over 1200 (again). Started volleyball in PE, it hurts :( That's all this week. Have a good weekend, Matt 11/30/14: Long time no post, sports, no internet and acedemics is hurting my time here. Anyways, inteernet has been repaired and I plan on being more active. I am kinda low on games on the moment (5), so I am open to challenges at the moment if you're up for a game. That's basically it. A game I rather enjoyed: 12/21/14: I have been on this site for two years now. Yay! :D I have so many people on here most good, some, not so much. I have posted i a while dur to illness :( and basketball :) I am hoping to break 1300 in Online Chess by the end of the year. One thing I'd like to share is that I like to program. I am currently getting the ropes of HTML and JavaScript (BTW, its what drives this website, it has a lot of it, be thankful for the behind the scenes people). That's all for now, will post on Thursday Dec. 25. :D -Matt 1/13/14 Hello. Christmas is over all the decorations are down, school is already putting the weight of the world on my shoulders. 2 projects already :( Basketball is doing alright, 1-1 so far. Golf is coming up and I am so excited :D  Also v3 is out to all premium mebers if you haven't noticed. Click on the button on the very bottom of the page that says "Try the new!" -Matt 1/4/15 Hello. I just turned 15 on sunday. Anyways, I will be very busy until the end of the school year (June 6) due to an overload of work and sports (basketball and golf). I will try to squeeze in time, but it will likely be under 30 minutes every two days. I will make my moves through the mobile app, so if you want to play a game, I'm all for it. See you around, Matt 2/8/15 Hey everyone, Happy sunday! Anyways, I am really burnt out with sports and homework, it sucks so bad :( I hope it make it ;) Anyways, I am aiming for 1300 in live standard. A rather nice game I played: 3/22/15: Long time no post...Nothing much as really happened sinve my last post. Basketball ended, golf started, and I am starting to umpire Little League games for my community service hours. (40 needed to graduate.) I am still trying to break 1300 in Live standard, but I am hovering around 1260. Closer and closer to testing. I cannot believe it is almost April already.  Have a nice day, Matt Thanks for viewing, Matthew_Alexander

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