K Marchewka
Prince George, Canada
Dec 6, 2011
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Apr 11, 2012

My Grandpa had the patience and enthusiasm to teach me when I was about 11, took to the game in bits and pieces, but not much to work with. Until highschool, I started an unofficial chess club in grade 9 (in part thx to my science/math teacher). This allowd me to get back into the game and get serious...till about 10 months later I hit a new plateau far reaching enough to strip every opponent of both their dignity and interest to continue playing the game, so I continued about my way till about now, 10 years later. Can't say much else than is a precious resource for learning and its refreshing to be in the know, updated with the Chess world. 80% of my experience is derived from playing against silicon monsters that absolutely refuse to let anything get the better of them. I've gained about 10 - 15% of my knowledge from them, where the other 90% is from a couple books, or replaying chessmaster world games, and picking out my favourite styles of play. I got potential, and a latent passion for the enrichment the game provides for both my mind and my life.

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