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Dec 1, 2008
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Hey All,


Just a few comments:I play mostly only 1-minute at this point.


*Although I wish you all luck in your games, I think there is no obligation to greet or say thanks for online games. Good luck and thanks, GG.


*Stop your bitching about losing on time..or..stop playing lightning games..quick fix.


*I really don't care if you think you deserve a rematch. I usually choose new game by default. It actually kind of makes me laugh that someone would be upset by some thing so small.


* All the angry comments on this site just simply amaze me. Chess is a game...


*Lastly, there is also no obligation to resign a lost position in lightning games..that being said, in most other time controls, if your the dead man's defense is your only recourse, just resign so we can start the next game.


Happy Playing, 



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