Jose Luis Cuadros Fernandez
Madrid, Spain
Feb 10, 2009
Last Login
Nov 12, 2016
Engineer, Falconer, Runner, Bones studier and your oponent!!!! I love mobile chess app (iphone) I use to play in chess.com using an android Phone, so sometimes if you open a chat (specially if the game has already endded) I´m not aware, sorry for that. The fact is that I like to chat :) ------ It´s suposed that computers are not allowed,please don´t use computer but if you use computer please do it always them you will get a huge rating (yours computer rating). I hate playing with a 1200 elo that in one game plays 2800!!!. Rating has no meaning if there are players that sometimes plays 1200 and somtimes 2800, is not for the aim to achieve a great rating, is because I look for a similar strength player. I don´t mind if you use computer if you do it always.
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