Ben Kaja
Clemson, SC, United States
Sep 2, 2007
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it is safe to say that i am a bit obsessed with chess. I play for fun only, but do enjoy competition. I also write poetry (semi-professionally, if you can call it that... I have an MFA from Virginia Tech). I enjoy playing guitar, making anything with my hands (art, woodworking, carving, etc), and travelling (especially to see great music and arts festivals).

I am a Sous Chef at a fine restaurant on Lake Keowee. I love to play with food, despite all instructions to do otherwise as a child. I see many similarities between cooking and chess, chess and art, chess and life, etc... it is always better to know how all the parts work together so that you may tweek them at your will for benefit of yourself and others... well, in the case of chess just for yourself! But you get the point...

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