Jeffrey Jones
Raleigh, United States
Mar 7, 2009
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I've been an avid spectator of chess, and a good amaeur player for nearly 2 decades. I try not to take the game too seriously and see it more as social time. I have grown to see that chess is a fantastic way to enrich young people's lives and thus I am devoting my professional life to introsducing new students to chess.Thus I started Chess Pig Services (http://www.chesspig.com).

Sadly my health is not all that great. I have suffered from heart failure for an estimated quarter century. Unfortunately, my condition was routinely misdiagnosed until 2010. I'm very lucky too have survived.I recommend everyone see a cardiologist at least once every two or three years to stay on top of things. Doctors tend to diagnose things to their specialty, and the number of times I was misdiagnosed would boggle the mind.

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