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Tony Dowden
Brisbane, Australia
Mar 2, 2013
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I have an NM (National Master) title from New Zealand but I currently live in the beautiful sub-tropical city of Brisbane in Queensland, Australia - hence my playing handle of 'Queenslander'. My day job is Senior Lecturer educating pre-service teachers in a university. I've had an enjoyable amateur career playing for New Zealand in two Olympiads (1982 & 2002). My main remaining chess goal is to continue playing well enough to enjoy competing in occasional international events and, in future years, play competitively when I  retire from my day job. I only play blitz on this site. I will play 3-0 against anyone who invites me. I don't like playing against opponents who engage in 'trash talk' though. Chess is great way to promote international goodwill and understanding, so let's be gracious and courteous with each other on Chess.com

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