Michigan, United States
Jul 17, 2010
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May 6, 2013
Hello everybody, Im from Michigan. I am retired from advertising sales. I wrote a book, I offer it free as an e-book. Life and Work Principles for young people who may not go to college. There is a vast amount of information, a lot of graphics and it is easy to read. Chapter 1 is on Character, for teens. Chapter 2 is on the principles of work. The best way to get a job. Chapter 3 is on science. Science can show evidence that goes beyond reasonable doubt that the God of the Bible is God. I give web sites and books to back it up. Chapter 4 The Bible. If you know someone who may be interested I will send you a PDF free. No advertising, No spam. You can go to my web site and download it free. Computer or smart phones. I like guitars, Cessna 172s, Martial arts, Theoretical physics and "oh yes chess", Thank you. RevLarry
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