Michael Ridge
Tucson Arizona, United States
Aug 17, 2012
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My Name is Michael Ridge! I am a Certified Nursing Assistant and currently empolyed with a skilled nursing  and rehab facility at HCR Manor Care. I've been a C.N.A. for about nine years now and I take extreme pride in what I do.

I just recently started playing chess about a year ago. Truth be told I really don't know why I started to play to begin with. I have no prior experiences playing chess. Except maybe a game or two when I was a little younger. The only knowledge I had about chess was how the pieces moved, and the objective was to checkmate your opponents King. Forking,pinning, deflection,decoy, none of these terms and terms alike were not know by me at all untill i picked up a book.

What brings me here to Chess.com is to help me advance further, and to a whole new level. I am really lucky to have stumbled onto such a great site. There is plenty of stuff here to keep one busy for a very long time. So i subscribed as a premium member to gain all its full benefits.. There is just something about this game that really fascinates me. Picking up the pieces and moving them across the board, just something about it that feels good.. However, I will see you guys Over The Board.. and best of luck to everyone who's trying to pursue perfection.

Michael Ridge C.N.A.

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