Nabil Afraz
Karachi, Pakistan
Sep 2, 2012
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3 hrs ago
Hi, This is Syed Nabil Afaraz from Karachi. I started playing in june 2012 with my dad who was my first mentor. I developed my early chess skills by playing alone for hours at a time—moving the pieces around the chessboard, searching for combinations, and replaying games and positions shown to me by my father. Apart from chess, which I studied about three to four hours a day, my favourite pastimes included football, skiing, and reading Sidney Shelldon novels. I am a student of Computer Engineering at Sir Syed University Of Engineering & Technology Karachi and represents my university at different tournaments. Apart from this , I am fun loving and loves to flirt :D but I never play with anyone :D Anyone can feel free to contact me for chess lessons of joint training. FIDE:720 :P lol
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