Lee Silver (CoT OTB)
South Carolina, United States
Jul 22, 2008
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I have been trying to learn the art of chess for 50 years. I have been playing correspondence chess for 39 years. I very much like to play chess with players from all over the world and meeting new friends.  Here's to a terrific game!

Where would we be without our royal game?  On an island of order (64 perfect squares) in a chaotic world, as each army positions itself on the virtual battlefield with sabers rattling; The King in his castle planning strategy and tactics; The Queen at his side ready to launch military operations; Rooks ready to reconnoiter; Knights and Bishops on reconnaissance to scout and probe enemy territory, armed and ready to raid with surprise sorties; Pawns positioned in their redoubts, banners flying high -- "Let battle commence!"...and to the competitors...enjoyment!

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