Andres J Hernandez
San Diego , CA, United States
Mar 10, 2011
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Sep 23, 2015
Whenever I play Chess I listen to music as well... all kinds of music from Instrumentals ("Jaws" playing in background slowly , then speeds up as u read) to Classic Rock ,R&B,Old Skool,Raggae etc. Chess is another place for me, for my thoughts ...I feel I haven't reached my full potential as a player even tho I've come a long way. I would like to reach 1700 and if I can do that ... I can jump to 1800 ..... why stop there ? I'll be Bumpin' and Jammin' the whole time too,while you bs-ing lol I do talk a lil smack, here and there ,but all in good taste and for fun times "NEVER" to offend or hurt anyone ! That's why I'm "SIR" Hoof-A-lot ! One more thing ... If you challenge me ...(fair warning)... (D-Fin revealed) I'm a MASTER of the "Sucker Punch" hahahaha ! But you'll never see it coming ...Here's why ...I'll kick dirt in your eye ! Have Fun , enjoy life ,Do your thing ,Respect and for those of us fortunate enough to have "LOVE" .... You better recognize and appreciate !!! ... " Water Bubbles" he-he-he !
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