Karl Kristjans
Reykjavik, Iceland
Nov 24, 2011
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9 hrs ago
To all you haters here on, this is for you: "To conduct yourself wisely shows more intelligence than winning a game of chess. Sometimes its better to stay quiet and be assumed dumb, rather than open your mouth and remove all doubt."//////////////// My chess: Love the game, played it my whole life... was good once and rock back and forth. Lately, playing 1-min a lot.. def not doing my chess-play any good! //////////////// I got lucky and saw Fisher here in Iceland... was surprisingly just another old man in the end just before his death 2008... but like my hero as a child :) //////////////// Met Kasparov as a child behind the scenes at the world chess championship here in Iceland in 88, My folks had some connections at the time so them and me were behind the scenes during the chess matches. All the masters of that time were having a chat behind the scenes, debating some endgame pushing a pawn on the A or B rank with two kings for many moves and a night I think... but the whole time the black night could take the white queen on the other side of the board... this had to be corrected! So I stepped in and told the guy's about this silly mistake of theirs and got a great laugh from them all, the problem was they all spoke Russian or some other languages so without knowing the reason for their laugh I of course thought to have helped them out and they laughed cause they didn't see the mistake they were making... took me a while to figure this whole thing out :) //////////////// Hope we had some good games!

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