Anthony W
Melbourne, Australia
Mar 25, 2009
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May 13, 2013
Chess was my teenage hobby. Playing chess trains and sharpens my thinking. Apart from playing chess, I like connecting and interacting with people in a larger community. It has been my desire to develop friendships that would bring mutual benefits. I am also part of an educational network of a fast growing research and development company sharing the latest cutting edge technology on glyconutrients. Visit my personal website to find out more about this science breakthrough discovery - Also I am looking for serious international business partners to establish a network business to generate residual income. I am part of a group called Navig8 which helps navigate people to the lifestyle of their dreams. Watch my promo.. at and give me your feedback. I am one of many thousands who have benefited from taking glyconutrients. It boost my immune system function and improve my health tremendously. It has become my passion to share better solutions to health. Join me to raise a generation of healthy people!
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